Why iCount
What We Do

Does your company have a variety of different wellness efforts in place but they are not integrated in any measurable way? Clients often struggle with:

  • short term challenges that end and the behavior goes back to the way it was before
  • programs offered by health plans but not for every employee
  • low usage in onsite equipment/services in which you’ve invested
  • low participation rates in health coaching; random events that have no measurements
  • the healthy employees are the ones that are engaged... not the employees you need to engage

Sound familiar? This is how we solve these issues for you...

We integrate. We work with you in integrating all your wellness activities and efforts into one vibrant, measurable program. And there is a bigger opportunity. It is time to consider linking together your wellness activities with your safety efforts, your charity efforts, your benefits, your training efforts, your incentives, your EAP and more into one cohesive program. Wellness needs to be part of your corporate culture to be successful. We will help you accomplish this.

We activate. Do your employees know what benefits are already in place for them? Do they use them? Let us help you activate what you’ve already negotiated with your broker, health insurer, and other providers. And, we will activate additional programs to engage your team in being more accountable for their health and wellness.

We implement. Our experienced people are available to help you implement your wellness program. So often, this becomes a part-time effort at companies for somebody who already has a full time job. If you need an extension of your team, or someone to run the whole effort, we are there for you.

We engage. As you know, engagement is key. We gain the involvement of not just the people who are already healthy and active but the people who you really want and need to engage. We also engage your senior team so that they also become actively and visibly involved.

We measure. So, your organization wants “wellness.” How do you measure the results? Because we have helped you integrate all your activities using our platform, work with your providers, and have engaged your employees to track, we can provide you the reports you need to measure success.

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