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2-Hour Mindfulness Training for Exceptional Leaders

Mindfulness Based Trainings are some the most highly researched programs in the country, and they show significant improvement in many critical health measures. It has now moved into the fields of education, the military, wellness programs and corporate settings because of its known benefits in the realms of resilience, increased awareness, emotional intelligence, improved focus, decision making and productivity. Mindfulness Training has been used in medical settings for over three decades as a health enhancement, and empowerment tool for patients coping with stress and chronic conditions.

This 2 hour presentation/program is designed to provide leaders with a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Mindfulness for Leaders and their companies.

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the ways mindfulness affects both neurological and biological systems, including specifically: an overview of evidence based research on the neuroscience of mindfulness, which has been found to strengthen parts of the brain responsible for executive function, decision making, emotion regulation and working memory capacity.
  • An understanding of the way mindfulness training allows for broader perspectives around challenges, builds resilience, increases motivation, builds emotional intelligence and is an invaluable tool in the face of change.
  • Experiential processes and practices of mindfulness.
  • An introduction to the definition and importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • Knowledge of the health and financial impact on the effects of Stress on their employees and their Company, and the corresponding benefits of mindfulness training.

This two hour work shop will be divided between theory and practice, with practical exercises and attendee feedback incorporated throughout the presentation. After which participants should have a foundational understanding of the principles and benefits of Mindfulness, and some practical on board tools/skills to begin cultivating an attitude of Mindfulness/Present moment awareness for themselves in work and everyday life.

6-Week Workplace Mindfulness for Excellence

Mindfulness is widely used and shown through research to reduce the impact of stress, build resilience, increase creative thinking and improve overall wellbeing. In this six session series, participants will be introduced to the theory and practice of mindfulness, with attention to both the scientific principles and practical applications of mindfulness. Participants will learn the ways in which mindfulness improves focus, attention to the task at hand, emotion regulation, emotional intelligence and social skills.

Program Overview:

In Six 90-Minute Sessions this workshop will include:

  • Mindfulness 101: Are we here yet? What is Mindfulness? Learning an experiential practice to arrive more fully in the present moment.
  • Who are you? Getting to know a little about the group, their intentions and motivations (helps couch presentation in their language/experience).
  • A brief history of the movement of Mindfulness as a secular practice into mainstream medicine and corporate culture, and the latest neuroscience research.
  • An understanding of Stress Physiology and its impact on health.
  • An overview of the effects of Mindfulness on performance, emotional intelligence and optimal well being.
  • Introduction to attention training known as Mindfulness meditation (including recorded home practice sessions).
  • Mindful Movement to reduce physical and emotional tension.
  • Coping with Time Stress
  • Mindful Communication Skills
  • Q&A - discussion

This nine hour program spread over six sessions will be equally divided between theory and practice, with exercises and attendee feedback incorporated throughout the sessions, at the end of which participants should have:

  • A foundational understanding of the principles and benefits of Mindfulness.
  • Acquired several practical on board mindfulness tools/skills.
  • Developed a level of competency in applying these tools/skills.
  • Cultivated and refined an attitude of Mindfulness/Present moment awareness - reaping the benefits for themselves in work, health and everyday life.

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