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Presented by Jondra Bjorkman, MS, CNC

Keeping Alert and Energetic During Your Work Day

Do you start your day depending on caffeine to get you going? Do you experience the “3 o’clock slump”?

In this presentation you will learn how to get your body and brain active by eating certain foods that will give you an energetic start to your day and keep you going until bed time. What foods boost your energy, immune system and are delicious to eat? Do probiotics really decrease your sugar craving?

Learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid in order to achieve optimal energy and vitality throughout your day.

Maintaining a Healthy Brain

Would you like to improve focus and cognitive function in all aspects of your life? The good news is that the brain can get better with age. Our brains are part of our bodies and are directly affected by the foods we eat. This means we need to give our brains the right nutrients to function at their best. Can some foods make you smarter? Research shows that a few common snack foods can boost your brain power and balance your mood.

You will learn the most powerful brain-building foods, nutrients and strategies to improve your brain function and prevent cognitive decline. It’s easier than you think!

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Did you know that it’s easy to eat healthy and maintain your budget too? The right foods help strengthen your immune system and prevent chronic illnesses and disease, and most of them are not expensive.

Do you know what the Mayo Clinic recommends as the most potent plant-based protein? In this workshop you will learn that you can eat a variety of delicious, satisfying foods and achieve optimal health all while spending your food dollars wisely.

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