Why iCount
How We Work
How We Work

We support you in many ways. We can go big and run your entire wellness effort or go small and support your specific challenges, contests or wellness training sessions. We provide you with the right people, programs and platform combination, so you get what you need and are successful.

Our Platform

Our Platform We believe data is key! We know that what is measured and tracked is achieved. Our cloud-accessible robust platform supports everything from challenges and contests to outcome based incentives. Employees use it to track their activities, diet, and customized wellness goals, even in between company sponsored challenges and contests. HR uses the administrative tools and comprehensive reports. And everyone benefits from exclusive content on current health topics as well as a monthly webinar series. But a great platform is only one tool.

Our People

Our Platform Our Senior Team members have successfully led organizations of all size, from small to medium companies and up to 18,000 employees. We understand corporate culture. We help you achieve the results you need. You can outsource your wellness department to us or we can just provide support for our platform. We work with you to design the right level of support. We do not believe in cookie-cutter approaches. We do like a cookie now and then, however! Seriously, at whatever level of support you require, we work hard to exceed your expectations.

Our Programs

Our Platform Really, these are YOUR programs. Do you just want a short term challenge to supplement other activities? Or, are you serious about changing your outcomes and want the support of a complete population health engagement. We will design the right program to fit your needs and budgets. Your employees never lose their data between different challenges and contests. If they want to track their activity, great. Nutrition, great. Other wellness goals, great. Company-wide goals, great. We can help you design the right rewards and recognition to fit with your culture. We come prepared! With our fun challenges and contests, we also provide some health education, too. Need help engaging your employees in other activities such as biometric testing, executive physicals, going to a lunch and learn, or participating in charity walks? Whatever it is, we can help.

Engage us and we will engage your employees!

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