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December's Wellness Topic: Healthy Holidays
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Arlene Dalcin, RD
Healthy Holidays

Healthy Eating at the Airport
by Arlene Dalcin

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find something healthy to eat in an airport?

Flying back and forth across the country sounds exciting, but with it comes a whole host of dietary challenges. I have been traveling a lot for work this past year. And, even though George Clooney made his commuting lifestyle in the movie “Up In the Air” seem like a piece of cake, it’s not that glamorous. It often means scouting for a quick and nutritious meal, sometimes in a hurry, all while juggling a rolling suitcase, backpack and purse.

Here are three tips to consider before spending your between-flight time on less than nutritious fare:

  1. Prepare ahead. Eat a bigger meal before heading to the airport. It is easier to find healthy snacks than a full meal.
  2. If you do want a snack, try fresh fruit, unsalted nuts or a yogurt.
  3. Most airports have sandwich shops where you can order lean meat or cheese and vegetables on whole grain bread.

There is something about being in airports that makes people feel the need get food. If you’re not truly hungry, go for a brisk walk instead of sitting in a restaurant while waiting for your flight.

And next time before heading to the airport, plan ahead in order to keep your health front and center.

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