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We are experts in integrating wellness into organizational culture by activating and implementing programs that engage employees to participate and to be accountable. With our robust platform, we provide measurement and outcome-based reporting every step of the way.

Our Founder & CEO: Susan B. Parks

Sue Parks is a corporate wellness expert. She is the founder and chief executive officer of WalkStyles, Inc. and co-author of "iCount, 10 Simple Steps to a Healthy Life." Parks and her co-author, Patricia Bonavia, offer realistic advice on how to maintain a healthy life while meeting the demands of corporate responsibilities. Their STAR™ method lays out steps to Set, Track and Achieve daily wellness goals and Reward success. Parks developed her concepts about corporate wellness while serving in top executive positions at USWest, Gateway and Kinkos. During that time, she became an avid walker, logging 10,000 steps every day. Parks' company, WalkStyles, Inc., has developed the iCount™ Wellness program for corporate clients to help companies nurture a healthier, more productive and vibrant workforce. Parks also has forged content relationships with other health care professionals. Parks lives in Laguna Niguel, CA

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