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We achieve engagement within all levels of the organization by applying four basic human needs in the development of our programs and our platform:

  • Belonging: All of your team members can participate in our programs. Our approach is very inclusive. It doesn’t matter their location, health plan or physical condition.
  • Power: Your team members will learn that they have the power and ability to make long-term, significant changes to their physical condition by starting small. By using continuous improvement, they will see their small steps add up. These small steps turn into big strides.
  • Freedom: We help people be accountable to themselves and achieve the freedom that good health brings. We want people to be more active. It isn’t just about weight. It’s about energy, attitude… vibrancy!
  • Fun: In order to be effective, accountability needs to be rewarding, motivating and fun. We will help you create and lead contests, challenges, charity walks and good spirited competitions. Work environments need to be enjoyable places to come each day. And if your people work remotely, they need to feel that energy and positive momentum, too. Happiness counts.

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